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It is a Free For All

July 7, 2014


One thing in this industry that you will constantly hear is how you need to work for free. Several models take this out on me every so often, that they aren’t making the money they expected as a model. Often, photographers say the same thing. You get tired of hearing it all the time. With […]

Expectations from Models

February 19, 2014


As a photographer, I deal with many people having unreasonable expectations. One area I don’t expect models to have unreasonable expectations is while doing test shoots with models, especially if they are done TFP. Unfortunately, I have found that some models are unreasonable in their expectations. I no longer do TFP except in very rare […]

Customers, customers…

January 4, 2014


In a previous two posts a while back, I covered how to figure out your costs, basing what you charge on those figures, and what you are actually making. Today, we will cover this a little more. First, you need to know who your clients really are based on what they expect from you as […]

Photoshop Alternatives

October 5, 2013


One of the things that the new Adobe Creative Cloud has done is polarized quite a few people against Adobe and their software. I personally am against being held hostage, and their new agreement basically says you have to do what Adobe dictates you have to do and if you don’t, you lose access to […]

Modeling Frustrations as a Photographer

August 17, 2013


One thing that I find frustrating as a photographer is that most non-signed modeling agent models: they think modeling is dating. “Wait”, you say, “I am a model and I am not signed, and I don’t treat it like I am dating. I am very professional.” Stop and think very carefully about this. Do you […]

Questions of Profitability as a Photographer

August 16, 2013


Question: How do the large corporate chains sell their packages of a session and 100 images for less than $10? First, they work on the premise on quantity over quality. This is shown in that everyone who goes to them has the same poses, lighting, location (their studio), and same everything.  Clients are treated as […]

How not to be a Creepy Photographer (part 2)

August 16, 2013


In the first installment, we defined what being creepy is, and how to avoid it in social situations. What about non-social situations like a photoshoot or in private communications? Here are some of the things that your subjects will make them think you are a creepy photographer.  Again, this list isn’t everything but just some of the […]

Current Market for Photographers (2013)

August 3, 2013


Everyone who is a photographer is watching their friends and excellent photographers who are very talented go out of business. Many of us wonder if we will be next and what is left for those of us who are in the market. I will try to address some of the things going on in our […]

“P” does not mean “Professional”

June 24, 2013


Many people who go out and buy a camera think that once they do, all their images will be professional by putting the camera on the “P” mode or one of the settings that describes what they want to do. In reality, those don’t give you professional images and instead give you a programmed decision […]

Interpreting Models (from a photographer’s perspective)

June 22, 2013


After dealing with models for quite some time, I have collected quite a few things models say to interpret models as a photographer. Keep in mind that I really have no clue what the model’s really mean, but this is how I interpret what is said. If you are a model, keep in mind that […]