Learning Photography

One of the services that XOIND Studios offers are classes on photography. These classes have been created because of a number of questions we received from people in general and on the higher end, other photographers. Our classes start with simple, laid back, and easy to pick up skills to more significant in depth professional training.

The most basic class is getting the most out of your point and shoot. This geared for those people who have no knowledge in photography and just want to improve their photography. The next level is leaning your DSLR camera. Basically the same class with the point and shoot plus some other concepts that are beneficial to DSLR owners. Finally, there is a one-on-one training on professional photography training.

Of course, there are blog posts that we have posted here. Here are some that you may find helpful.


Getting it Right in Camera
Getting People to Model for You
Working with Models
Lens Hoods Revisited
Studio Lighting
Escorts at Shoots (for Photographers)
Off Camera Flash (Part 5)
Off Camera Flash (Part 4)
Auto Focus
Why Custom White Balance is Important
Working with Children
Three vital pieces of Equipment
Soft and Hard Light
What is Dragging Your Shutter?
What Kind of Lens do You use?
Off Camera Flash (Part 3)
Basic Digital Tools
The Forgotten Photographer’s tool
Off Camera Flash (Part 2)
Off Camera Flash (Part 1)

Business of Photography

What should I charge… (Part 1)
What should I charge… (Part 2)
Would you endorse…


Cloud Services and the Photographer
Google Plus and its Functionality
Adobe’s Creative Cloud Subscription


I have $5,000, Which Camera is the…
Creativity and Where do you find it?
When is Copying Someone Else too much?
Fighting about Photography
End of Photographers
Magic of Photography
What does a Photographer Invest in a Shoot
Inspiration or thoughts on coming up with ideas
HDR: Is it Dead Yet?
Professionalism and Courtesy

Techniques and Fun Projects

Editing Images
Light is Something that is Relative
Building Reflections
What is the ExpoDisc?
Cross-Polarization or Birefringence
Settings for Low Light Fair Photography
Get a Different View of Your Subject
Underwater Photo Sessions
Just how many of them are there?
UV or Black Light Photography
Creating Smoke Trail Images
Low Cost Studio Background Options
Single Bare Bulb Lighting


Alien Bee UBR White Shovel Reflector
Hugin: Free and Open Source Software
Gary Fong Collabpisble Lightsphere
Paul C. Buff Extreme Silver Parabolic Umbrella

Contact us at XOIND Studios for more on our teaching services.

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