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Gas Money for Local Models

February 22, 2017


Something that I have seen become very popular with models shooting TFP (or “Time For”)  with photographers today is to ask for “gas money” after agreeing to do a shoot as TFP. First, let’s weed out those individuals who are 25 miles or more away. Asking for gas money at those greater distances makes perfect […]

Where are you going with your modeling?

March 13, 2015


One of the first few questions I ask every model is “Where are you going with your modeling and what do you expect to get out of modeling?” This tells me quite a bit about you as a model and ambitions as a model. Keep in mind by this time, I will have looked at […]

It is a Free For All

July 7, 2014


One thing in this industry that you will constantly hear is how you need to work for free. Several models take this out on me every so often, that they aren’t making the money they expected as a model. Often, photographers say the same thing. You get tired of hearing it all the time. With […]

Expectations from Models

February 19, 2014


As a photographer, I deal with many people having unreasonable expectations. One area I don’t expect models to have unreasonable expectations is while doing test shoots with models, especially if they are done TFP. Unfortunately, I have found that some models are unreasonable in their expectations. I no longer do TFP except in very rare […]

The Pay me and TFP trap

January 31, 2013


One of the biggest things I see in this industry are models who expect to be paid large sums of money for their modeling, get images from their shoot, and have rights to the images that are created. At the other extreme, there are those models who link up with photographers through web sites like […]

End of Photographers

November 20, 2012


Yes, you read that right. It is the end of photographers as we know them. This started with digital technology that makes it fairly easy on automatic to capture a good image. With more people being let go at their jobs because of the economy’s condition where people think photography is something they can make […]

Shoot classification for Models and Photographers

November 16, 2012


It has been a while since I wrote something about modeling and lately, many models have asked me about the types of shoots and what should should be expected about each of the types of shoots. This applies to photographers, too! The motivation is the number of models who have come to me to ask […]

More on Modeling

January 18, 2012


Being a model is something that means you have to always be on and constantly focus on who and what you are trying to be. This is one reason why I highly recommend that models have a “modeling name” to separate your modeling life from your real life. Yes, the two intermingle a lot, but […]

Modeling Misconceptions

September 2, 2011


Something that I see frequently in the photographic world is that everyone has notions of what that world is and what it means to them. Sometimes they are dead on, and other times, they are just wrong. So, let us get on with what some of these things are and discuss them a little bit. […]