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Why Won’t People Pay Me?

April 5, 2015


Something I hear constantly from models is how no one wants to pay the models they work, and how if they want to be a model, they have to pay for clothes, pay for makeup, pay for hair, and pay for a lot of other things. “Why won’t people pay me to do my modelling […]

Image and Reputation in the Fashion World

April 6, 2013


This past week, I have talked with many different designers. What is interesting is that I hear similar things from them about models. Here are a few of the things they have said to me over the past week. Think about some of these mis-steps and how you fit might possibly fit them, and learn […]

Modeling Profiles: What goes in them?

March 31, 2013


You have done your first shoot, and you want to find more photographers to work, what do you do? The first thing to do is create a few profiles on modeling sites like Model Insider, Model Mayhem, One Model Place, etc. So you do, and then you have to create a profile. What should go […]

Books, portfolios, and comp cards

November 4, 2011


As a model, you will need to create something that will display your looks to potential clients. While this is something that is required, many people just starting out seem to think you build a book (or portfolio) from one person or photographer. In reality, your book is created over time with many photographers and […]