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Are you modeling or the model?

March 30, 2014


One of the hardest things to learn as a model is explaining this to prospective models and getting them to understand. Even some people who have dipped their toes in the modeling world don’t quite understand this. So, let me take some time and explain this. When you first start out, you won’t be earning […]

Limits (for Models)

August 26, 2013


One question I seem to be getting a lot lately from models is “what do you mean by Limits?” in reference to when I state to them to know what they are before you start modeling. Maybe you have an idea what this is or maybe you are unsure. Let’s start to clarify this and […]

How not to be a Creepy Photographer (part 2)

August 16, 2013


In the first installment, we defined what being creepy is, and how to avoid it in social situations. What about non-social situations like a photoshoot or in private communications? Here are some of the things that your subjects will make them think you are a creepy photographer.  Again, this list isn’t everything but just some of the […]

Interpreting Models (from a photographer’s perspective)

June 22, 2013


After dealing with models for quite some time, I have collected quite a few things models say to interpret models as a photographer. Keep in mind that I really have no clue what the model’s really mean, but this is how I interpret what is said. If you are a model, keep in mind that […]

I want to be with an Agency

April 24, 2013


One of the things I hear most from models starting out and freelance models is that they want to be with an agency. I don’t quite understand this panacea for them, but many models have set this as their goal in modeling or at least as one of their first steps. It is as if […]

Another Bad Experience with a Model

February 26, 2013


Continuing on the theme of what not to do as a model taken from my own experiences, I want to bring up that first impressions are very important. I start this post about who is a very popular model in the Indiana area. I was working with another photographer who shoots New York Fashion Week […]

What is and in a “Modeling Bag”?

February 18, 2013


Another one of those questions I receive frequently from models is what I recommend that they bring with them to a modeling session beyond what the photographer or art director requests. Your bag will be something you always take with you on every job or show you go to. This doesn’t cover what you take with […]

Shoot classification for Models and Photographers

November 16, 2012


It has been a while since I wrote something about modeling and lately, many models have asked me about the types of shoots and what should should be expected about each of the types of shoots. This applies to photographers, too! The motivation is the number of models who have come to me to ask […]

Photographing in a Haunt

August 26, 2012


As Halloween fast approaches, something that everyone enjoys going is a haunted house. These very in size and the types of rooms contained within them. Being a photographer, we are often asked to shoot in them before, during, and after the season they are open. Some is for advertising, some for films, and some for […]

Dog eat Dog world

April 13, 2012


I wrote this about five weeks ago when casting was occurring for Midwest Fashion Week, an annual fashion event that occurs twice a year here in Indianapolis to show off the designers here in Indianapolis and neighboring areas. The money is collected and up until this year, was used to fund Autism research. I am not sure […]