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Light is something that is Relative

December 17, 2012


As a photographer, you need to understand that light is relative. It’s that simple. Wait? What do you mean simple? What do you mean wait? A lot of photographers spend a lot of time figuring out that light is relative. I am embarrassed at the number of photographers who think you need multiple high power studio lights […]

Just how many of them are there?

March 17, 2012


Have you ever looked at an image or movie, and then wondered how many people are there really there when several are the same person? That is a little of what we will cover today: multiple exposure. There are two types of multiple exposure, in camera and out of camera. With today’s digital cameras, it […]

UV or Black Light Photography

March 17, 2012


Have you ever been in a night club and everything just glowed really bright from the black lights? Have you ever thought about doing photographs with a similar effect on people or another subject? How about with paint? UV photography or black light photography requires only two things: a) a black light to shine on […]

Studio Backgrounds – Low cost options

February 22, 2012


Muslin and fabric backgrounds are something that all photographers eventually end up purchasing in a studio environment. I am often asked by other photographers which backgrounds I have or which I have purchased and why I purchased them. I purchase and carry with me black, white, and grey color tones. You don’t need any others […]

Single Bare Bulb Lighting

February 18, 2012


Something I hear from photographers everywhere, I wish I could do something but I don’t have any decent lighting equipment. I have to be honest that I learned on some expensive lighting equipment because I worked as an apprentice for a photographer when I started. Even so, a lot of people think you need expensive […]

Studio Strobe triggering issues with ETTL

January 23, 2012


Earlier today, in one of the closed discussion groups for photographers, one of my local friends posed a problem that he was getting random exposures when he used his flash to trigger the strobes. Somehow, he was able to set the camera manually and balance this with the strobes. The effect was as if the […]

Studio Lighting

January 14, 2012


Everyone hears that they need many lights and a whole lot of light modifiers from soft boxes, barn doors, gel holders, and a lot of other things to be a good photographer. This isn’t really the situation, as it really means more about the person who is behind the camera and who knows the lighting […]