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Expectations from Models

February 19, 2014


As a photographer, I deal with many people having unreasonable expectations. One area I don’t expect models to have unreasonable expectations is while doing test shoots with models, especially if they are done TFP. Unfortunately, I have found that some models are unreasonable in their expectations. I no longer do TFP except in very rare […]

Modeling is more than Looking Pretty

February 16, 2014


One of the most frustrating things that I run into with people new to modeling is that they seem to think that modeling is just looking pretty. I frequently hear at meet and greets (places where photographers and models meet one another, usually shooting test images or over light snacks at a bar) that a […]

Modeling and Tattoos

February 13, 2014


One of the biggest areas that causes the most arguments are tattoos and modeling. On one side, you have the industry that demands clean skin, no scars, minimal piercings, and fresh looks so that they can market you to clients that will hire you and get you jobs that pay. The other side, the models […]

Choosing a Photographer or Artist

January 22, 2014


Someone walks up to you and wants you to model for them. Great, right? You are on your way to accomplishing your dream of being a model. In reality, being a model a model is more than just being in front of someone who is an artist or photographer. In reality, as a model, you […]

Limits (for Models)

August 26, 2013


One question I seem to be getting a lot lately from models is “what do you mean by Limits?” in reference to when I state to them to know what they are before you start modeling. Maybe you have an idea what this is or maybe you are unsure. Let’s start to clarify this and […]

Modeling Frustrations as a Photographer

August 17, 2013


One thing that I find frustrating as a photographer is that most non-signed modeling agent models: they think modeling is dating. “Wait”, you say, “I am a model and I am not signed, and I don’t treat it like I am dating. I am very professional.” Stop and think very carefully about this. Do you […]

Dignity as a Model

August 6, 2013


One of the things I see most often lately is the demoralizing of models. This can be manipulating them to do something they wouldn’t, taking credit for work the model did, and even sexual favours for the work that they have done. While this has always been a “dark side” to the industry, lately, it […]

What Kinds of Model Pay…

July 20, 2013


One of the things that I am seeing are pop up modeling agencies and websites that are there to protect the models under them. One of the key things that I am seeing in almost all of the different groups is that the models want to be paid. This blog will capture a snapshot of […]

How likely will someone see my image…

June 25, 2013


Another of those questions that I get asked is, “How likely will my image be seen on the Internet?” People who ask me this are often glamour nude and nude models who are hiding their work from their family, work, and close friends. This post applies to models of any type. The long and short […]