Modeling is more than Looking Pretty

Posted on February 16, 2014


One of the most frustrating things that I run into with people new to modeling is that they seem to think that modeling is just looking pretty. I frequently hear at meet and greets (places where photographers and models meet one another, usually shooting test images or over light snacks at a bar) that a photographer wants to shoot with a model, and the model says to just call them on the day they want to shoot and they should be able to be there at that shoot. Or, when a model calls or messages that they want to model that day or night – and that is the only time they will make themselves available. This type of model is one who just looks pretty.

If you want to make money modeling, you need to be more than someone who is pretty and good looking. There is a LOT more than this when it comes to modeling. What are things that make you more of a model than just looking pretty?

For starters, a great shoot starts with a concept and plan to execute the shoot. This means you will have talked about the shoot, both model and photographer plan their parts for the shoot, and both have time to practice what they plan to execute. Often, there will be discussions of what should be (or will be provided) for outfits, the makeup required, expressions, and feelings conveyed. If there is more than the model and photographer, the rest of the team also has time and can also prepare. Everyone is talking together prior to the shoot and knows what they are supposed to do. Nothing is done on a whim without preparation.

Another is that the model works at establishing a following of people who are interested in her as a model. This means having a social page under the name they use to model, and they are actively working at creating a large following of people behind them. This means engaging them with entries almost every day, maybe publishing an image a day or every other day. The people that follow this model include the general public, photographers, designers, potential clients, stylists, and anyone else who can help them get better assignments and more notoriety and publicity.

Finally, a model is always striving to improve to be better. This means evaluating images with your photographers and clients and talk about what could be improved. This means practicing expressions, poses, and stretching daily.

If you model, are you one who just likes to be pretty and not really model? Or, are you someone who will be a pro and works to be a model?

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