A tale of one model

Posted on March 18, 2012


Another tale of yet another model? What is going on here? This could be a photographer for all that matters. I can’t emphasize how your actions impact you as a model or photographer or designer. You ALWAYS want to be friendly and know that the people who you talk can impact your career in either if you are in the fashion world. People who aren’t considerate or wanting to show even the simplest of courtesy will earn a bad reputation. Once you earn a reputation, getting rid of it will be difficult. Being a model, photographer, or designer doesn’t give you any special rights to behave poorly or unprofessionally.

I was approached by two photographers who I know well to work with a specific model who was starting out. Both had worked with this new model, and thought the model had great potential. The photographers wanted a few other photographers to work with the model to help build her portfolio or book up quickly. Both also mentioned that they wanted me to run through the basics with this model. I mentioned to both of them that the model should be contacting me, not them, and both replied something to the effect that she is new and they really wanted her to succeed. I sent a quick message indicating that another photographer had recommended that I shoot with her, and would she be interested in working with me. The response: nothing. Nodda. Zip. The model has earned a “do not work” reputation with me for not responding. If anyone asks me about her (and they have already), I will indicate what happened and where I place this model. In my book, this is the same as a “flake” in my book. I don’t care what your reason, if you receive a question asking if you are willing to work with someone, there should be a response indicating one way or the other. If you say “No”, that is fine. But, as a model, don’t just ignore the message. The same goes for photographers. Although, with traveling models, I have a tendency to not reply immediately – I rarely sign on to that account that they announce or send messages saying they are coming to town. But, I always respond.

In about two months, that model will want to work with me or someone who I recommend models for their work. That model will then be told “no” for working with them, and then wonder why. If the model asks, I will tell her why.  If the model doesn’t ask, there will be harsh feelings on the model’s side. I have seen this several times with other photographers, and how they refuse to work with people who either ignore them or commit to something and back out the last minute not knowing that the photographer is involved. I have also heard about the reverse where photographers do the same to models.

This is an industry where you have to be professional. Your actions impact what goes on with your career. Know that your own actions impact how people react to you in the future. Always assume that everyone is someone who you need to work with in the future. You never know the impact that your actions will have until it is too late.

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