Makeup for photographs

Posted on September 11, 2011


While I was at a meet and greet type event yesterday, I was talking with a model and another photographer about why you want to use camera ready or high definition makeup when shooting images. A meet and greet event is typically where photographers and models meet up, and can give each other test run before there is a commitment of any other kind.

During these events, photographers frequently shoot several images of the models who are there. One of the most annoying things I run into at these meet and greet events is that most models buy the cheapest makeup they can find and use it for photo shoots. After seeing how awful the makeup was, I grabbed my kit and started working with the model to put her makeup on with good, camera ready makeup.

Why do I make such a big deal about the makeup used? The biggest factor is that I don’t want the dots that appear from studio lights or in bright sun from makeup without having the mica and titanium dioxide ground down fine enough. This includes all mineral makeups. For going out on the town, they are just fine. But, in front of a camera, they aren’t and will cost the photographer two to three times as long to edit the images, not to mention the lack of sharpness in an image to get rid of the little dots.

Another reason is that the colors are consistent and they cover better for camera work. Simply put, if I get one pallette of color one day, and six months later buy another, I know the colors will be the same. They also apply more consistently and with a higher pigment level. To many, they blend in such a way as to not be obvious that makeup was used , especially when viewed from images created with a camera. The higher pigment levels equate to a longer lasting and durable look with less makeup. When a model is in a rough environment, the makeup lasts longer without touch-up. This also gives the model a more natural look. The model whose makeup was done with me lasted the entire day, and was still going strong when everything was over.

When you purchase makeup as a model, invest in good, camera ready makeup. Hopefully this blog explains why you should.

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