First Blog Post

Posted on June 30, 2011


As with many different people who start blogs, we all start with an initial blog that gives the overall idea and tone of the blog they have created, and gives the initial idea of what they are going to write about on that blog. I will also be introducing myself in this blog.

This blog is about some insights and thoughts that individuals who work with XOIND Studios have with photography. This could be to help customers, thoughts on trends, entries to help models, ways to take photos and tutorials on taking images, or just about anything else that we feel is relevant or helpful to everyone out there.

As has been indicated, this blog is being written by Don Krajewski, photographer, who works at XOIND Studios. I have been a photographer for 25 years with a hiatus of about 12 years from photographing people (but still took images of everything else). I have worked as a freelance photographer, stock photographer, wedding photographer, fashion photographer, glamour photographer, and artistic photographer. I currently specialize in unique and individual artistic portraits of people and to a lesser degree fashion, editorial, and glamour photographs. More on what I currently photograph can be found at website.

Finally, I would like to encourage individuals reading this blog to participate, make comments, send suggestions, and anything else that would make this blog more helpful and relevant to you all.

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